Day in brief

  • I got an email from Google recruiter again. I failed miserably with my previous two attempts. Wondering if I should try or give up now. #
  • I favorited a YouTube video — Harum Scarum Printers – Dot matrix printer music – Nesem… #
  • My pension age is not up until 2043! This fact just thew me into a deep depression. I need Plan B, as I'm not even sure I'll live that long. #
  • Bookmarked: AIS Dispatcher – Linux version #
  • Bookmarked: PrimeTel speed test #
  • Bookmarked: XE – World Currency Symbols #
  • Bookmarked: Hellenic NetBanking for Personal #
  • Bookmarked: What Page of Google Am I On? #
  • I am now pushing all my public Delicious bookmarks to Twitter automatically, using #
  • Shared: LHC generates a mini Big Bang #
  • Added 'tweet' tag to my Google Reader, made the feed public, and added it to TwitterFeed. This way I can selectively tweet shared items. #
  • Twitter is my social glue.I want it to have an update from social activity,so that it ends up blogged in the daily digest via Twitter Tools. #
  • Bookmarked: : feed your blog to twitter #
  • I wish I had better tools to integrate Google Buzz with my blog, my social networks, and my non-iPhone/non-Android/non-Blackberry phone. #
  • Shared: Microsoft's new slogan gets official #
  • Bookmarked: lagger – Project Hosting on Google Code #
  • Bookmarked: PHP Console – Google Chrome extension gallery #
  • My boss smokes at work all day long… #

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