SystemD strikes again : Unit X.mount is bound to inactive unit

My brother is blogging about a really weird issue we had today.  Apparently, the old school approach of working with disk volumes, and mounting them is not enough anymore.  These days, systemd is responsible for part of that workflow and it can bite you in the behind if you are not careful.

Solution: run “systemctl daemon-reload” whenever you edit /etc/fstab.

Run boy run! This world is not made for you …


5 thoughts on “SystemD strikes again : Unit X.mount is bound to inactive unit”

  1. Brother I searched alot on the internet to get the solution of the particular problem. when ever I umount my iscsi device and logging out from the session and unable to remount the partition back even after logging in the iscsi sesison.

    I googled alot. but the simple “daemon-reload” worked for me.

    thanks alot for your help

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