Ken Park

Watched “Ken Park” on DVD. There was a question on DVD cover that asked if this film was a pornography or erotic art. Well, it was neither.

It is not exactly a movie, since you there are a bunch of people wondering around having “tough” life during the whole film. Most of these people are teenagers. And than these teenagers spend a considerable amount of time exploring sexual niche. They have sex, they masturbate, the watch pornographic magazines, etc.

It is not exactly a pornography either. It has way too much of a story attempt and too many dialogs in there. Maybe this is just this kind of pornography, with dark sides, and sexual scenes every 10 minutes instead of every 10 seconds. Maybe I am just getting old.

Anyway, if you are thinking to rent this for it pornographic value, then I have to warn you. There are scenes of

  • old, ugly, drunk male peeing
  • young, ugly, sober male masturbating while strangling himself and watching tennis video
  • incest, where old, ugly, male (yup, the one from the first point) is trying to give oral pleasure to his son (no, not the one from the second point) while that dude is sleeping. The scene is pretty short though.
  • horny, dirty, teenage girl attempting to have sex with teenage girl. That one is interrupted by girl’s father coming in and kicking boy’s butt a lot
  • a few scenes of two teenage boys having sex with one teenage girl (yeah, sounds pornish, but they are all depressed and talking too much about life)
  • few more of the like

If I were you, I would decide what do you want to rent: a movie or some porn. With either choice there are better options in ANY rental. This piece sucked. Maxed out at 4 out of 10.

3 thoughts on “Ken Park”

  1. Shit, man! This movie…I’ve watched the first what, 20 minutes and I just couldn’t proceed! I just turned it off…(that was like half a year back) it is a big exaggeration. If one wants to lay back and watch a movie to relax, he certainly shouldn’t watch this one…doesn’t do any good. YUCK!

  2. And, yeah, can you imagine how badly they screwed the minds of those poor boys and girls acting there? (and probably their lives too)

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