Day in brief – 2011-11-09

  • New note : 50 Extremely Useful PHP Tools – Smashing Coding #
  • I've done a massive cleanup in my Gmail. Unsubscribed from a bunch of old lists, removed and reorganized a few labels, etc. Mr.Clean now. #
  • I favorited a @YouTube video Al Jarnow's Cosmic Clock #
  • Hello from #Fedora 16. Upgrade went fine as always. Gnome looks very much the same, but somewhat more responsive. Maybe due to reboot. #
  • Just finished installing #Fedora 16 and I already have 452 MBytes of updates to download. Not that that is a huge surprise. :) #
  • Note to my future employer: I am not a morning person. And I'm not punctual with my working hours. If that's a problem, try not to hire me. #
  • I favorited a @YouTube video Mirage – The Full Experience #
  • I favorited a @YouTube video PEOPLE ARE AWESOME 2011 #
  • New note : AutoMySQLBackup – MySQL backup script #
  • New note : Android builds: dev & prod #
  • It's been a while since I had a business meeting here. (@ Drifters) #
  • I'm at Chester's (Amathountos, In SWEPCO Shopping Center, Parekklisia) #

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