Picture of the day

SignsToday is exactly one month since I’ve started the ‘Picture of the day’ project. One part of me is sceptic and cannot believe that a month past by. Another part of me is very proud. It is proud not of all that crap I put out on a daily basis, but about the dedication I put into it. I’ve learnt a couple of cool tricks along the way.

I was thinking if I should continue this or not, and if I should than for how long. On one hand, I am pretty bored with this already. On another hand it does teach me alot and I get constant practice. Yet on another, Chernobyl kid kind of hand, I have a couple of other projects in my head. I think I will continue with the ‘Picture of the day’ thingy for another month. I will also move the folder to be a part of, yet to be created, ‘Projects’ tree. I will also start with other projects and will let you know on how it goes. Stay tuned in other words.

Anyway, today I was shooting straight out of my car, while driving home from work. The funny thing I’ve noticed on the way are the signs of all those little workshops in the downtown. One of them was for signs. Somehow the guy head the dirtiest sign around. And his phone numbers were way too old (without mandatory 25 Limassol prefix). I can only imagine what kind of signs he can make. Hehe. Kind of my photos. But I don’t do them for money. Yet. Maybe I should.

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