More about new Google Reader

Since my last post a lot of people asked me why I switched so fast from Bloglines to Google Reader. So many in fact, that I’ve started writing a post describing all the good things, which are not that obvious. Before I could finish that though, I came across something by far better than what I had – this post at LifeHacker. Go, check it out. You too, mom.

2 thoughts on “More about new Google Reader”

  1. The new google reader is an absolute improvement. However, it’s too slow on both on my (G4) Macs. For me, Bloglines still beats it in speed and simplicity.

    Greetings from The Netherlands :)

  2. Hey Redlob,

    Hmm… For me Google Reader works faster than Bloglines. Mostly because I tend to have a lot of unread items in the feeds, and Google Reader loads them up in bunches of 20, not altogether, like Bloglines does.

    But to each his own. If Bloglines works for you – that’s cool. It’s a nice tool and all. :)

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