Intersection” with Richard Gere, Sharon Stone, and Lolita Davidovich (what a name!) was on TV just now. I watched it from start till end and.. didn’t understand a thing. I was trying really hard, but… hmm.

In the beginning, they make it clear that Richard is going to die in the car accident. So, you already know the ending. Nothing really matters much from this point on. But, anyway… Richard played a reach architect who cannot decide if he should go live and get married with his lover Lolita, or stay with his wife Sharon and daughter. He is deciding back and forth for the whole movie. Of course, that gets both of them pissed. But not really pissed. Rather mildly disappointed. Everything thinks a lot, cries a lot, and falls into memories a lot. And than he dies in the car accident. Now that’s a movie to remember…

I won’t even go into the acting part. I’ll just give it a 4 out of 10. This movie would have been so much better if it was based on a totally other story. Yup.

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