Getting better

I am getting myself into another business venture.  The project is interesting both from the financial and creative points of view.  That’s about as much as I can say about it right now, but not to worry – first public preview is expected  before the end of the year.  Anyway, the point is not that.

My business approach is getting better with every try – exactly like it is supposed to be.  This time I was actually surprised by myself.  Not only I did some thinking and planning, but I went all the way, with business plan, budget, and even project time-line.  What’s even more surprising is that I did the initial document in about two hours, and I did in a much more concise way than usual – a single spreadsheet document instead of multiple lengthy texts.

After looking at the resulting document, I had this strong feeling that I’m getting better at it. Hopefully, it won’t be just the document.

And just to wrap it up, I have to say that I’m not the only one getting better.  I really enjoyed my experience with Google Docs.  It’s been about 6 month since I used these applications, and I have to say a lot of good changes went in since then.  The interface got cleaner and simpler, there are major things, like formulas and charts in the Spreadsheet application, and there are minor things like better HTML/GUI/WYSIWYG handling, speed, etc.

Good stuff…

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