I was surprised to find out that I actually have a real holiday today. I wasn’t working the night before and I am not going to the office tonight. Neither I am needed there over the day. I even didn’t have to wake up early to go for a walk with Maxim as it was Olga’s turn.

I almost forgot how it feels, you know. With all this time at my hands I wasn’t sure how to properly spend it. And I spent most of the day thinking about it. It’s almost 9 o’clock in the evening and I haven’t done anything yet (except upgraded mysql and forgot to restart the service, bringing the site down for a few hours and not noticing it – thanks Sanjay).

Well, maybe that’s how one is supposed to spend a holiday – doing absolutely nothing. If that’s so, than I succeded to have a really good day.

P.S.: Unfortunately I finished my ice cream bowl yesterday. It would be so good to have some ice cream on a day off. Too lazy to go out and buy one today though…

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