Bigger Europe

Tonight Cyprus joins European Union together with few other countries. This is a huge historical event.

Suprinsingly, there is not that much of a celebration in Cyprus. All TV channels broadcast the same concert by an aging Greek popstar in Nicosia. Not even a bit attractive. Only the Sigma channel manages to show the concert better than it can be in real life. Whatever.

I assumed there will be some photo opportunities outside with concerts, fireworks, and crowds. I was wrong apparently. I’ve found only one hang out in Kanika area, where they had something similar to a stage with a couple of rock bands playing. It was so horrible that it was actually a bit good. There was no sound, just noise, and there was no light, just a lamp. All my photo enthusiasm was gone in a second. And it was getting further with each other second. When midnight struck, music stopped, speakers said something like “Welcome to Europe and a very good night” and people started to get off. Not much fun. There was not that much of a crowd either. Just a few groups of teenagers below 18. And no fireworks.

Maybe next time. Oh, wait…nevermind. :)

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