Draught Microbrewery

After WRC openning ceremony Lev, Hazard, Olga and I were going for a few pints at Chesters, when Vladimir Kanguin called and said that he found a new nice spot with excellent beer, so we turned around and after 20 minutes of searching and seeking we were in the place called “Draught MicroBrewery”. You don’t need anything else except the name to recognize what kind of a place that is.

Ale, pilsner, lager, wheat – you name it, they have it. Unfortunately though they were out of wheat by the time we arrived, but that didn’t spoil the evening. I’ve tried a bit of everything else and sattled for lager as my choice. Hazard did the same. Olga was drinking pilsner. Lev did a mix of ale and lager.

It is a very nice place – lots of room, air condition, good snacks. No pictures of that place yet, though…

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