WRC – Day 1

First day of the rally. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make, since it’s Friday, but I guess I haven’t lost much. There were only 4 stages and all the real meat comes tomorrow and on Sunday. My preparations included buying a Golden Pass set with the journal, cap, and all maps hard copied. Carefull study and planning of tomorrow’s day. If everything goes as planned, we’ll watch 2 stages: 9 and 12.

Keeping up with the results of the first day pushed me to a little effort. “WRC Online” site is down for most of the day, and all the rest have no idea how to put the results up. Of course they have driver tables and all that, but, for some strange reason, noone is publishing results in the form DRIVER/CAR MAKE/POSITION/TIME. It’s either the car make or the driver. Everyone is expected to be knowledgable about the issue, it seems. Anyway, RallySport.com is the proper place to check the results as well as to read some fine articles.

Keeping up with the mood, I’ve ordered a couple of DVDs about rally sport early in the morning (from the WRC Online, while it was still up).

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