"Browser facts" from Microsoft

Google Blogoscoped brings to our attention Microsoft’s Browser Comparison chart.

MS Browser Comparison Chart
MS Browser Comparison Chart

This is an excellent marketing campaign.  I am a big fan of using humor in the advertising, and this is a good example of it.  Everyone who has every tried to build a web page knows how horrible the state of the modern browsers is, and how even more horribly standing out Microsoft Internet Explorer is.  It’s so horrible that it is even hard to make it funny, but this time Microsoft succeeds.

Just to balance it out a little bit, here are a few random charts that I picked from Google Images search results for “web developer time chart“.

Breakdown of time spent on web development

Frontend web development

Time breakdown of modern web design

4 thoughts on “"Browser facts" from Microsoft”

  1. Ha ha ROFL

    They seem to be clarifying this in their Busting Myths tab in the same page

    Lately, there’s been a lot of talk about Internet Explorer’s speed, security, and adaptability. But many of the claims are comparing older versions of Internet Explorer to competitors’ newest releases.

    Seems more like a confession atleast about the previous version… ;) Now we’ll have to see what they’ll have to say about the next one IE9 :)

  2. Sanjay,

    even if so, when the mention customization they say that a lot of the stuff that you’d want to add to Firefox with addon, they already have it built-in. While that might or might not be true (I haven’t used MSIE et), I see too problems with that.

    1. “a lot” is not the same as “all”.
    2. “customization” does not only mean “adding”, but “removing” too. If Firefox is bare by default and I can add things that’s something. But if MSIE has loads of stuff in and I have no way to remove half of it – that’s something else.

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