WRC start

I couldn’t have a very productive day, due to the fact that today is the official start of Cyprus stage of World Rally Championship.

Hazard, Lev, Olga and I went to see the service area first, but we were not allowed. We didn’t have some mystical “pass” that was required. The guard there couldn’t speak enough english to explain WTF that was and where to get it. Anyway, we went to Molos area to see the official opening. Hazard was filming the whole thing on his new ditital video camera, so I got the pleasure of using his digital photo camera to make a LOT of pictures. Most of them will look the same though.

There were suprisingly many cars. It’s the first time I actually see the opening, but there were usually about 20 cars in the race, plus few cypriot cars. On the opening though, I think we’ve seen about 80 cars or something like that. Now I am waiting for Vladimir to publish the pictures, so that I could resize them properly and put them here.

Here are a couple of links for the event: Cyprus Rally Official Website – a place where Rally Guide and all the maps can be obtained in PDF format. WRC Online – the best place for rally coverage that I’ve found. All the latest photos, interviews and other cool stuff are published there regularly.

Event closed with extensive fireworks and disco. Disco was something that we didn’t even think of attending…

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