TreeProjects – personal database software for home and business

A while back I blogged about TreeSheets, which is a flexible free form data organizer.  If you tried that but felt that you need something slightly different, then check out TreeProjects – a personal database software for home and business.

TreeProjects provides an unlimited, freeform, ordered hierarchical organization of your information items (in a tree), single-file compressed data storage, instant  single-click item viewing and editing, multi-tab interface for concurrent editing of several items, powerful search capabilities, and many other features.


Best Automation Testing Tools for 2018 (Top 10 reviews)

best testing tools

Here is a nice review of the top 10 best automation testing tools circa 2018.  It covers the following:

  1. Selenium
  2. Katalon Studio
  3. Unified Functional Testing (UFT)
  4. Watir
  5. IBM Rational Functional Tester (RFT)
  6. TestComplete
  7. TestPlant eggPlant
  8. Tricentis Tosca
  9. Ranorex
  10. Robot framework

If you are just setting up the QA team or department and want to know what’s new and hot, or old and tested in the world of automated testing, have a look at these tools.

TreeSheets – Open Source Free Form Data Organizer

TreeSheets is an Open Source cross-platform free form data organizer, which can replace a variety of other tools, like spreadsheets, mind mappers, outliners, project management tools, text editors, notes applications, and even small databases.  It works on Linux, Windows, and Mac, and looks very interesting.  Have a look at the screenshots for some of the things that it can do.

Canva – online photo editor


Here is yet another online photo editor – Canva.  It’s free, simple and straight-forward.  No need to learn Photoshop-like controls – all the essentials are clearly marked.  You can crop and rotate images, adjust brightness, contrast and saturation, or simply apply a number of preset filters.  Download your image when done.