There was yet another story about Google on Slashdot today. Deep down in the comments, there was an interesting URL to is a site that handles search match count battles for different terms. For example, “linux” vs “windows”. Which one do you think returns more search results? Check it out. They also have a hall of fame with a number of “wars”. And there is a battle of the month. If that is not enough, anyone can enter a couple of words in the search form and see what happens.

Meanwhile, my Google Ads are doing just fine. My balance with Google suggests that they will be sending me a check this year. (Yes, year so far). :)

CVS and bugtracking with Mantis

All the small things to close working week. Rest of the day I’ve spent education myself on CVS again. :) I’ve came across CVS book at which I now want to order hardcopy. All my today CVS practise was around a wonderful piece of software called Mantis. It is simple yet powerfull bugtracking system, which I have adopted as technical support tool for our company. All of my changes were based on version 0.16.0, while mantis went to version 0.17.0. So, I’ve been porting all my changes to the new version. Tried both ways with traditional diff-edit-patch-repeat and cvs ways. So far, I enjoy the cvs way of doing things, and I haven’t yet tried branching and merging. Oh, I sound like a developer, don’t I? :)

Slay – user process killer and CVS

Came over a nice program called Slay which does the following:

Slay sends given signal (KILL by default) to all processes belonging to user(s) given on the command line.

I was also playing a bit with CVS GUIs today. There are some programs out there. was particularly helpful. For CVS itself, I found to be the most helpful resource.