Personalized phone call from Santa

Gmail team, as awesome as it is, has outdone itself.  Here is a little tool they’ve created for the seasonal greetings – .  The idea is old but the application and execution is fresh and excellent.  Basically, you just provide a bunch of information about the recipient and then gets either an audio or video message from Santa, very personalized and unique.  Here is a video message that it created for my son Maxim after I answered all the questions.


Try it yourself – it’s fun and cool!


Young Santa

Young Santa

I haven’t done any Christmas pictures of Maxim. Neither I have made any pictures of our Christmas tree this year. I thought that it would be difficult to explain to him, when he will grow up, why I haven’t photographed him together with the Christmas tree for his first Christmas and New Year. So I made a couple of pictures, that should help me in the future. I’ll hide the date they were made though…

Album location: /photos/2006/2006-01-21_POTD/

Pictures from New Year celebration

Happy New Year

I know you’ve been waiting, so here they are – pictures from New Year celebration. They aren’t many, because a) I wasn’t in a mood and b) I was busy being Santa Claus. But those that are there give the idea of what went on.

Album location: /photos/2005/2005-12-31_New_Year_Eve/