Every Which Way But Loose

Every  which way  but  loose

Clint Eastwood has been directing too many dramas recently, so I thought I’d dig out something from the years long gone, something where he acted one of his superman roles.  “Every Which Way But Loose” is one of those films.

Now, I don’t have much to compare this film to, because it’s from the year 1978, and I was only born in 1978.  But it has more packed into it than most of the action films I’ve seen during my childhood – fist fights, biker gangs, corrupt police, exotic animals, car chases, and a true friendship and a true love with a broken heart.

Of course, now this film looks way aged and most of the special effects cause no reaction but a smile.  But if I saw this in the 80’s, I guess I’d be all over this film.  And even in these modern days, I’ll give it a 4 stars rating.  Not bad at all.