Well-Known URIs

Back when Let’s Encrypt started giving out free SSL certificates, one bit that visible all over the web was the “well-known” directory.  I never thought much about it – it’s just a name after all.

Turns out, there is actually an RFC 5785 that defines a standard for the well-known uniform resource identifiers (URIs).  And that’s a lot more generic than just the bit that Let’s Encrypt needs.

Accidentally stumbled upon this while reading “A Well-Known URL for Changing Passwords” draft.

Crell/ApiProblem – a simple implementation of the api-problem specification

I’ve been working with REST/RESTful APIs for a while now.  They are usually a lot better than the SOAP or XML-RPC stuff we had before.  But they are also not perfect.  Error handling and reporting is a common area between many implementations that needs more attention and consistency.  Turns out, there is, I’ve just somehow never heard of it – RFC7807 defines “Problem Details for HTTP APIs”.

I’ll need to look more into this and see if and how it is better than a variety of things I’m using now.  Gladly, there is even a PHP library to help with that – Crell/ApiProblem:

This library provides a simple and straightforward implementation of the IETF Problem Details for HTTP APIs, RFC 7807.

RFC 7807 is a simple specification for formatting error responses from RESTful APIs on the web. This library provides a simple and convenient way to interact with that specification. It supports generating and parsing RFC 7807 messages, in both JSON and XML variants.

Internet Protocol version 10 (IPv10)

Heard enough about IPv4 and IPv6 yet?  Good.  Here’s something new for you – IPv10.

IP version 10 (IPv10) is a new version of the Internet Protocol,
designed to allow IP version 6 [RFC-2460] to communicate to
IP version 4 (IPv4) [RFC-791] and vice versa.

Mail::RFC822::Address: regexp-based address validation

This is pure gold!  Check out the regular expression for an RFC822 email address validation. I’m not going to paste it here, being concerned that it will open the gates of hell or something, but here is a sneak preview of about the first third or so.