Upcoming content move

Since most of the preparations in the new blog have been finished, it’s time to move the worthy content from the old site and into this database.  As I mentioned before, I don’t want to just copy things over, but edit, update, and fix them a bit.  Because of that, I won’t be moving 4,000+ posts in one go, but rather in large chunks of a few dozens or hundreds at a time.  Posts that will be moved to the new database will be deleted (as in “permanently removed”) from the old site.  I hope my redirections will handle it all properly.

Anyway, I am totally ready to do the first chunk of the posts.  These will be my movie reviews.  And I am thinking of moving them during the end of this week (think Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday).

There are two side effects to these batch moves.

Firstly, the RSS feed will get quite polluted.  So if you can’t handle many posts at once or hate seeing content that you have been through before, then you might want to temporarily unsubscribe from the RSS feed of this site.

Secondly, there is no sane way for me to distribute these posts over dates, so I’ll probably publish them all under the same date or so.

Once the content is moved and re-organized I will have more control over it and will be able to place it better.  If that will be needed or not at all is remained to be seen.

With that I apologize for all inconvenience caused and ask you to bare with me during this bumpy ride.

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