Ukrain-Russia, political

Anybody who believes Ukrainian news is a moron.  Anybody who believes Russian news is a moron.  Anybody who believes European or American news is a double moron.  All of them lie through their teeth and none of it makes any freaking sense.  That’s where I stand.

Twitter Is Not Dying

Twitter Is Not Dying

Twitter is not a social network. Not primarily, anyway. It’s better described as a social media platform, with the emphasis on “media platform.” And media platforms should not be judged by the same metrics as social networks.

Social networks connect people with one another. Those connections tend to be reciprocal. Facebook even checks in on you now and then to make sure you’ve actually met the folks who are sending you friend requests. As a social network, its chief function is to help friends, family, and acquaintances keep in touch.

Media platforms, by contrast, connect publishers with their public. Those connections tend not to be reciprocal.

The pace of modern world

the pace of modern lifexkcd has a brilliant collection of quotes from the days long gone.  All of those complain about how the world has become too fast and how we don’t care about the important things anymore.  The best part about these collection however is that all of these quotes are from the end of 19th and beginning of 20th century.  Once you drop ignore a few minor technical references like telegraph, it’s almost exactly like the complaints we hear today.  The world is too fast and we don’t care anymore…