Awesome Design Tools

GitHub hosts numerous “awesome lists” with collections of tools, documentation, and resources on a variety of subjects. So far, however, these seemed to be mostly developer-oriented. It’s good to see that other people are joining in. Awesome Design Tools is a curated list of the tools and resources for designers (web, interface, print, brand, etc).

Not even being a designer myself, I had to Google for some of these things plenty recently. In particular – collaboration tools, color pickers, fonts, icons, screenshots, etc.

Professional Programming

Professional Programming is yet another excellent list of resources, such as books, articles, and courses, for people pursuing programming as a professional career.

The more, the better, I say.

1,150 Free Movies Online

Here’s a list of 1,000+ movies that you can watch for free online. It includes great classics, indies, noir, westerns, and more. Some links are to YouTube channels with large selection of flicks, others are to specific films.

I’m sure you’ll find something that you haven’t seen (or want to watch again) for a slow weekend ahead.

Awesome Interviews

Awesome Interviews is a curated awesome list of lists of interview questions. Technical interviews, mind you. It covers a wide range of areas from a variety of programming languages, frameworks and databases, to operating systems, data structures and algorithms. There also coding exercises and much more.

This list links to some really great resources for both candidates, who are preparing for the interviews, and interviewers who want to make their interviews better.

Best apps and games for Android in 2018

Google Play Store shares the best games and apps of 2018 in the following two lists:

For me personally, most of the apps I used in 2018 remained the same from the previous years. The two new discovers were:

  • Yatse – a remote control for Kodi media center, which I use at home a lot.
  • SimCity – a game I used to play decades ago on PC, which is now available on the mobile, and it’s awesome!