Google Checkout – an example to follow

My Gmail free space has been running out way too often recently.  I got bored with cleaning it up all the time and decided to upgrade my account.  While the process of buying something online is often trivial, I was pleasantly surprised by Google Checkout.  It was even easier than ever.  It felt like every little detail has been thought about.  Here are the things that I particularly liked:

  • Simple, straight-forward interface.  No bragging about coupons, special offers, promotions, and a trillion redirects.
  • Sensible defaults.  Google knows my name, address, and telephone number.  They can use this information to make order form submission easier.  And they do.  Including the default for the “name on card” field.
  • Clear information about the amount being charged.  Order submission button itself displays the amount that will be charged.  This way you can’t be confused by all the sub-totals, taxes, etc.  Crystal clear!
  • Excellent email notification.  The email clearly states what I have bought and when I will get it.

While none of the above sounds like rocket science, it actually is.  Go and buy something, enjoy the experience.