eDEX-UI – a sci-fi terminal

eDEX-UI is a science fiction terminal that runs on most operating systems. It was heavily inspired by the user interfaces in sci-fi movies, like TRON, Minority Report, and others. While it’s not very practical for the day-to-day use for anyone heavily using command line, it’s a lot of fun to run when there are non-technical people around, staring at your screen.

The installation is pretty simple:

git clone https://github.com/GitSquared/edex-ui.git
cd edex-ui
npm run install-linux
npm start

I think it works even better with a large touch screen, but I don’t have one around to try it on.

laravolt/avatar – plug-n-play PHP library for quick dynamic avatars

laravolt/avatar is a PHP library that helps to avoid those old and boring anonymous face pictures for users who haven’t uploaded or configured their avatar in your application.  With library you can use any string – name, email, initials, or anything else you fancy – to generate a dynamic avatar with random color and letters.

Design for Blockchain

Design for Blockchain” is a collection of articles about user interface and user experience design for blockchain and cryptocurrency projects and tools.  Blockchain, due to its nature, is quite a technical subject, so making it friendly for non-technical users is a challenge.  These articles are exploring the domain problem.

The deepest reason why modern JavaScript frameworks exist

The deepest reason why modern JavaScript frameworks exist” is a nice article looking at the crazy world of JavaScript frameworks and exploring why things are how they are.  The conclusions from the article are:

  • The main problem modern JavaScript frameworks solve is keeping the UI in sync with the state.
  • It is not possible to write complex, efficient and easy to maintain UIs with Vanilla JavaScript.
  • Web components do not provide a solution to this problem.
  • It’s not that hard to make your own framework using an existing Virtual DOM library. But I’m not suggesting you to do that!

Read the whole thing for some examples and explanations.

A Comprehensive Guide To Web Design

A Comprehensive Guide To Web Design” is a rather lengthy article that focuses on the non-technical bits of the web design.  It’s not about the tools and technologies, but more about the meaning and good practices.  The article covers the design of navigation, content, call to action, web forms, accessibility, and other important bits which are frequently forgotten.