TinyURL coincidence

Yesterday I read the Slashdot post discussing the power of TinyUrl web service to affect accessibility of web resources.  Most of today, the TinyURL web service is down. (Switching to conspiracy voice):  Coincidence?  I think not!

Conspiracy of context sensitive advertising

I think I’ve uncovered another conspiracy by Google, particularly with their context sensitive advertising service AdSense. It’s not a bad conspiracy – as far as I am concerned, they are trying to do a good thing. But still, it’s a mean way to go about it.

A reader of this blog left a comment to one of my earlier posts about media brain wash, a story about Dell notebook exploding at some conference. Jon agreed with me that this story was a pure media hype. In his comment he said exactly this:

Now it won’t be long before some terrorist hops on a plane with Dell laptop batteries strapped all over his body. I agree, this story is media hype.

In order for me not to miss any comments, and to respond faster to my readers, the moment any of your post a comment, I get an email notification. As you know, recently I moved all my email affairs to Google’s mail service GMail. Now, Google uses its own AdSense service to show ads to people while they are reading their emails. The content of the email is used to determine which related ads should be shown.

GMail adsense When I openned a notification email with Jon’s comment I was shown four ads on the right. All four ad links were about notebooks. Two links were generic, but two others featured a brand. And although the brand in the content of the email was Dell, both branded ads were about IBM.

Now, you might think that this is just a coinsidence. But for two links out of four? I don’t think so. What is more probable is that Google undestood that Dell brand was used in connection with terrorism and tried to substitute that for IBM. Probably that was an attempt to sell non-explosive items to terrorists. Thanks Google, but no thanks.

NOTE (this note should have been written a very small font, but since noone will read so far down, I’ll leave it as it is): please, don’t take this entry seriously. I’m just messing with you.

Conspiracy Theory

Finally I watched “Conspiracy Theory“. I saw bits and pieces of it on TV several times, but I never managed to see the whole thing. Finally I did.

It turned out to be not as good as I was expecting or imagining it to be. Lots of boring story telling, wierd plot, and long pauses. There was not enough action. Considering the fact that one of the best action actors – Mel Gibson – is in the movie, that sounds like a terrible mistake. The guy was still excellent. Oh, and the music was good.

6 out of 10.