Bird on a Wire

Bird on a Wire” was on TV and I just couldn’t miss it. I had to watch it because it was one of my favourite movies back in 90s, and also because I very often confuse and cross-reference episodes of this movie with “Overboard“. That is probably because both of them are good movies of approximately the same years, both of them feature Goldie Hawn as a one of the main characters. Mel Gibson and Kurt Russell are also two of my favourite action actors, and they even were together in a movie called “Tequila Sunrise“.

Anyway, the movie is a good old action. Some corrupted governent agents, who used to use Vietnam war veterans to transport drugs, are trying to get rid off one of these veterans who could send them all to jail. Car chases, gun fights, fist fights, some romance, some cool talk, few jokes, and good amount of explosives all make for a good action movie. Even now, 15 years later it still impresses and keeps one glued to the screen.

7 out of 10. Favourite quote: “She: … I need rest, I need a bath, I need a bed, I need a pedicure … He: And I need a beer.”. ;)

Tequila Sunrise

Watched yet another oldie on DVD – “Tequila Sunrise“. While it is a pretty good film, it could have been a billion times better. Just imagine Mel Gibson playing a drug lord, but a lonely father who tries to quit the business, being the best friends with Kurt Russell who is a sneaky narcotics detective trying to bust Mel’s boss. Both of them are in love with Michelle Pfeiffer, who doesn’t even think about choosing one. Ok, she does, but very much closer to the end of the movie. If that was not enough, Mel’s boss is his other best friend, played by Raul Julia, who tries to pull this huge deal with drugs and lots of money. And, of course, there is a crooked policemen played by J.T. Walsh, who is working together with Russell.

With all these plot twisting and complicated relationships, this movie is best described as romance. No suspense what-so-ever. No action. There are about 3 dead people in the whole film with under 20 pistol shots. The only explanation I can find to this is that all the budget went for salaries. No special effects, no S.W.A.T. teams, no car chases, no gun fights, no martial arts, nothing. That’s a disappointment.

I wish there were more to this movie except for the ancient theme of the love triangle between two best friends and a hot babe. 5 out of 10.

Conspiracy Theory

Finally I watched “Conspiracy Theory“. I saw bits and pieces of it on TV several times, but I never managed to see the whole thing. Finally I did.

It turned out to be not as good as I was expecting or imagining it to be. Lots of boring story telling, wierd plot, and long pauses. There was not enough action. Considering the fact that one of the best action actors – Mel Gibson – is in the movie, that sounds like a terrible mistake. The guy was still excellent. Oh, and the music was good.

6 out of 10.


Watched “Ransom” on TV. I have seen it before, but since I didn’t have a blog back then, I decided to mention it now.

This is one of those films that you really enjoy watching, but that you don’t want to own or can never remember later. The story is nice, but it’s a one-time flick. There is some good acting from people who usually deliver good acting – Mel Gibson, Rene Russo, Gary Sinise, Delroy Lindo.

Overall, I’ll give it a 7 out of 10 and recommend you to see it. But if you think you did, then you should better go for something else.