Pineapple Express

Pineapple Express

I just watched one of the worst films of the year, maybe even two – “Pineapple Express“.  It’s one of those films which is not funny enough to be a comedy and not serious enough to be an action movie.  All the main characters are stoned during the whole film, but being an average actors and not being actually stoned while shooting the film, that looks pretty bad.  I mean, I’m all for people to do silly things, but people who badly pretend doing silly things, it’s just silly.

There were a couple of good scenes, but they were very short and far apart.  There were some special effects, with explosions and such, but definitely not enough to save the film.

And on top of that, the film is rated 7.3 on IMDB, with more than 50,000 voters.  I don’t know who all of those people are, but them being all in one place is actually scary.

My rating – 2 stars.  Barely.

Sex Drive

Sex Drive

Just watched “Sex Drive“.   The ruder, cruder, nuder, unrated version of it.  While I’m not a big fan of teenager movies – I guess I am a bit out of that age now – I still had a blast watching this one.  It has everything a teenager should have and then some more – lots of hot naked chicks and parties, jokes, a bit of romance, a road trip and adventures.

I have to separately compliment this film on the humor part.  While there were plenty of little silly things spread across the film, a few things were quite funny.  I mean, I had to control my out loud laugh at three o’clock in the morning.  That was something.

Also, an extra bonus for not having any drugs in this movie.  Actually, it’s quite surprising for a teenager movie these days not to have any at all.  I mean there was a drunk girl in there, but not more than that.  I think that’s cool – there’s enough crap out there already to keep promoting it.  (And yes, with drugs in kids movies – that’s promotion).

Overall rating – 4 stars.  Pretty good stuff.


I went to see “Hangover” yesterday.  That’s actually one of the films that I was waiting to see.  Firstly, because I am a fan of Todd Philips comedy films (particularly, “Old School” and “Road Trip”, both of which I have probably seen a gadzillion times by now).  Secondly, because the trailer was funny and promising.  And, thirdly, because it’s summer time and I am all for more entertainment.

My expectations were pretty high for this film, and they were all well met.  It was hilarious.  Interestingly, it was funny in a different way then I expected it, but it was very funny non-the-less.  The comedy was evenly distributed across the film, with a bit of build-up effect towards the end.  By which time my belly was hurting and my eyes were wet of laughter.

Highly recommended, with my rating of 5 stars.  Just remember, that this one is not for kids.  Everyone else should watch it.