Notion – an all-in-one workspace

Today I came across yet another interesting application – Notion. It can be a simple note taking app just for yourself, or a collaboration tool for a whole team, with knowledge base, tasks, and project management. There’s also a way to have other types of structured data, like CRM leads, etc.

I wish I had the time to play around with it right now, but I don’t. So I’ll leave it here for the next time.

Fortnite World Cup

Have a look at kottke’s article about the Fortnite World Cup. It’s short enough to digest in a few seconds. Yet it links to more articles, and features some numbers, that blew my mind.

More than 40 million people played in the 10 weeks of qualifiers, the oldest player in the final lineup was 24 (!!), and the winning duo won a $3 million grand prize.

Turns out, the prizes totaled $30 million!