On full stack developers

I came across an excellent blog post on full stack developers – “The full stack developer is a myth“.  I do much agree on what is being said there.  Firstly, the stack itself.

Non-exhaustive list of a technical stack layers and components
Non-exhaustive list of a technical stack layers and components

Secondly, on the problem:

A full stack developer is a myth not because none exist, but because the term is meaningless. It’s no different from a coding ninja or rockstar, but at least everyone knows those terms don’t actually mean anything.

Even limiting the term to a more specific context like web stack or mobile stack, you’d still get quite a bit of technology for a single person.  And yes, it’s changing a lot and fast too!

Every year there are new components added to each layer and every couple of years there’s a new layer added to it. Is it really reasonable to put out job applications asking for a full stack developer? It’s not only unreasonable, it’s stupid. Particularly when you start looking for one person who’s an expert in security, web development, UX, and servers; and this isn’t at all an uncommon expectation.

More so, there is a geographical component to this as well.  If you are in a small country like Cyprus, with very few technical establishments, even further down simplifying the stack won’t help you much.  Finding a web developer with good knowledge of HTTP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL is already a challenge.   And that’s like three or four layers…

11 Highly Underrated Plugins for WordPress

I came across this list of 11 highly underrated plugins for WordPress.  I wouldn’t go as far as call of them highly underrated, as some of them are rather highly rated.  But that’s not the point.  I wanted to share the list especially for these three:

gitfs – version controlled file system

This was only a matter of time … gitfs – version controlled file system:

gitfs was designed to bring the full powers of git to everyone, no matter how little they know about versioning. A user can mount any repository and all the his changes will be automatically converted into commits. gitfs will also expose the history of the branch you’re currently working on by simulating snapshots of every commit.

Here is a brief feature list:

  • Automatically commits changes: create, delete, update files and their metadata
  • Browse through working index and commit history
  • Merges with upstream by automatically accepting local changes
  • Caching commits reduces the memory footprint and speeds up navigation
  • Reduces the number of pushes by batching commits