GitHub : 100 million repositories

GitHub is celebrating a very important milestone – they are now hosting 100,000,00 repositories.  This is truly a remarkable achievement!  Congratulations!

And while many of these are private, the majority, no doubt, are the Open Source projects.  GitHub is indeed a cozy home for the Open Source Software, and the world wouldn’t be the same without GitHub.

Read their blog post for some cool statistics.  Here are a few numbers to get you going:

  • 100,000,000 repositories (obviously)
  • 31,000,000 developers
  • 1.1 billion (enough with the zeros already) contributions
  • Founded in 2008 (10 years ago), raking up mere 33,000 repositories that year (who could have known?)
  • Nearly one third of all repositories was created during the last year (insane growth)
  • On average, 1.6 new repositories created every second

Knowing these numbers, and working with GitHub on a daily basis, it’s difficult to imagine how crazy are all the usual metrics (daily/monthly active users, visitors, page views, etc.).

I’m raising a pint to the next 10 years and many repositories.  And really hoping their recent acquisition by Microsoft is going to help, rather than the usual.

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