One feature I miss in mobile communications

In the last five years mobile phones became much cheaper and much more feature rich. They do everything from call and contact mamangement to web browsing and photography. There is still one feature that I would really like to see implemented.

When someone calls me, I see the originating phone number. If the number is in my address book, then I also see the name of the person and possibly his/her picture. If the number is not in my address book, I get no information about the caller what-so-ever.

It would be nice to get both the name and the picture from the caller, if he’s not in my addressbook. There are a few ways to implement this, I guess. Either use the phone profile or have a centralized directory as a telecom service. With centralized directory land phones can be also associated with names and pictures. This way I will always know is calling me and I won’t have to keep five billion contacts in my addressbook.

Can I have it before Christmas? Next year? Please?

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