Samuel L. Jackson

IMDB is a ultimate movie resource. Not only it provides with a quick information like ratings, casts, and production on most movies you will ever going to see, but it also has everything you want to see when following up a movie – soundtrack listings, photos from the set, quotes, discussions of other people who saw the movie, etc. One particular feature that got me interested recently is actor’s biographies. IMDB provides a nicely summed up short biography, with a list of interesting facts from the life of actor or actress, personal quotes, and much such.

I’ll use Samuel L. Jackson as an example to kind of information you can find out without searches, comparisons, and translations. Why him? I find him interesting. I have seen him in many movies and he always delivers good acting. It does automatically mean that the movie he plays in will be good, but at it assures that there will be at least some quality acting. I respect him for that. And I am interested in knowing a bit more about people that I respect.

On drugs:

Was an admitted drug user until he completed drug rehab two weeks before playing a drug addict in Jungle Fever (1991).

That is nothing you might say, but I’ll tell you also that he was married since 1980 and had a daughter born in 1982. Gives it a slight personal tough, doesn’t it?

On racism:

Briefly suspended in 1969 from Morehouse College after taking hostage several members of the board of trustees, including the father of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., during a protest of the failure of the university to have black trustees or a black studies program.


He was active in the black student movement. In the seventies he joined the Negro Ensemble Company (together with Morgan Freeman).

On helping others:

in reality, he has worked with more rappers than any other actor in Hollywood, seven times as of this writing

On money:

Is the second highest grossing actor of all-time (after Harrison Ford) in terms of total combined grosses of all of his films.

On being famous:

People mistake me for Laurence Fishburne all the time. And he always gets mistaken for me.

On sports:

Films get in the way of my golf, but they have afforded me the chance to play a lot of golf.

On acheavements:

After years of small parts in films like Coming to America (1987), Sea of Love (1989), and GoodFellas (1990), Jackson broke through as the crack addict Gator in Spike Lee’s Jungle Fever (1991), a performance so good that the 1991 Cannes Film Festival judges created a Supporting Actor award in order to honor him.

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