WordPress Themes : Flounder, with Colorful Post Formats

Via WPTavern I came across Flounder – a free WordPress theme with colorful post formats.  This looks rather awesome for use in personal blog, like mine.  Have a look.


The colors are customizeable and the theme is responsive, as any new theme should be.  Here is how it looks on different screens:



I’ve installed it and tried out with WordPress’ Live Preview functionality – it looks pretty good.  There are a few things that I’ll need to fix if I am to use it.  Namely, the archives list, which has an item for each month in history, and the menu with a few submenu items.  The archives would work for a younger blog, but mine span from October 2001, which makes the archives list way too long.  Maybe switching to years instead would be a better option.  And the main menu looks ugly when there are a lot of submenu items.  Gladly, WordPress menu editor makes it trivial to change.

There also seems a slight variation on post formats between Flounder and Favepersonal – the theme I’m currently using.  For example, the Video post format doesn’t display a video on the homepage.  But, once again, these are trivial to fix, albeit with an SQL query rather than with a graphical user interface.

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