Christmas tree is up and running

I have setup the Christmas tree today. It took me about two hours and I got pretty tired.

There was no instruction in the package, but none was needed. There were three parts of a tree in the box, a metal base, and three screwes. The base needed to be expanded from 2 dimensions into 3 dimensions by rotating one part of it; than screwed with 3 screwes (no screwdriver needed). Parts of the tree were easy to distinguish and stack one upon another.

Making the tree hairy was the time and effort consuming process. Each part of the tree had 2-3 rows of branches. They needed to be bent away from the central core of the tree. Each branch than had three levels of subbranches. Each such subbranch level had 4 small branches. 4 branches x 3 levels per branch x 3 levels per tree part x 3 tree parts = 108 thingies to bend. I could have missed a couple, but noone would notice because the tree got really fluffy and everything.

After the tree was assembled I proceeded with decorating it. I had two packs of yellow reflective balls (about 10 each), one bigger blue ball (the one from Baci candies if you know), three yellow tin foil strips (whatever they call them in English), and that is about it. Nope. Forgot something. I also had a pack of medical cotton wool, a doll of Santa and few Linux penguins. Cotton wool was wrapped around the tree base to hide the metal and imitate snow. Santa was installed on top of that “snow”. And the penguins were set around Santa.

It turned out to be pretty nice. The only thing missing now is a stripe of Christmas lights. We will buy some for the next year I guess.

Oh, and sorry for no pictures. It was pretty late and dark when I setup the tree. I will produce some picture tomorrow with better lighting. Promise.

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