Vladimir, Olga and I watched “Spartan” on DVD.

It was one really stupid and boring movie with nothing good to it what-so-ever. Actually it was so bad, that it was good. We ended up laughing a lot and having some good time. That would be out of the question if we would have made a mistake of watching it in the cinema.

Acting and dialogs were particularly bad. I know it was supposed to be based around US army and marines who are not usually pictured as very vocabulareous (what a word! I should be a word designer, don’t you think?), but it ended up having not much of wording except for “Where is The Girld?” phrase. The word “girl” was used about a thousand times in this film.

And soundtrack sucked.

And R is not really appropriate. There was not that much violence in it. Ok, one guy was punched in the face and another had his hand broken. “Rocky” had more violence than that.

An overall rating of 3 out of 10 is really a favor to this movie. Skip this one.

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