Mulan II

Mulan II (2004)I was surprised to learn that “Mulan II” exists. As successful as the original animation was, I thought it would be followed by a sequel, but everything was pretty quiet. It turns out that sequel came out six years later.

Directed by: Darrell Rooney, Lynne Southerland
Genres: Family, Animation, Comedy, Musical
Cast: Ming-Na, B.D. Wong, Mark Moseley, Lucy Liu, Harvey Fierstein, Sandra Oh, Gedde Watanabe, Lauren Tom, Jerry Tondo, Pat Morita, George Takei, June Foray, Freda Foh Shen, Soon-Tek Oh, Frank Welker
IMDB raintg: 5.8
My rating: 5.0

And as many other sequels it sucked. The animation was as good as the original, but the story was very boring. There weren’t any major fights. There was too much music. Again. And there were some serious story holes and discontinuations. Like with all those kid training in the beginning that was never used. Or the disappeared helmet of the general – a parallel that was never followed. These are just those that come to mind.

Olga, Maxim, and I all watched it through, but we were talking and doing other things too – which is a sure sign of a bad movie.

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