Major upgrade to Evernote Clipper for Google Chrome

I am a huge fan of Evernote for a few years now, and one of the reasons behind my support is the Clipper.  Instead of just saving the bookmarks the old (Delicious?) way, Evernote allows to save full or partial pages.  With this, even if the original site removes content or disappears completely, you’d still have the clip in your notes.

A couple of days ago Evernote announced that they are releasing an updated version of the Clipper for Google Chrome.  Here is the quick video with some new features.


It looks like they’ve merged in some of the functionality of their other applications and browser extensions, such as Clearly – a browser extension that can cleanup noisy pages leaving just the content of the article to read, and Skitch – a simple annotations and graphical editing tool.  While it sounds complicated, the functionality actually makes sense.

There are also some other new features, such as setting reminder on the note directly from the Clipper (rather than from the Evernote), and a Share button.  When all is combined, it makes Evernote into a really powerful too.  For example, emailing someone an annotated screenshot is now a quick task of just a few clicks.

Very, very handy tool!

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