Vision check

We took Maxim for his first routine vision check today. The doctor seemed nice and kind. Lots of books, journals and certificates in his office created the impression of a good specialist. He also had some geeky looking equipment that he wasn’t afraid to use.

Maxim’s eyes seem to work fine. He can see with both of them. How good he can see is a totally other question. And it is not meant to be answered now. The kid is too young for the tests like this.

Anyway, we’re satisfied.

While checking Maxim’s eyes, doc discovered a very small scratch on Maxim’s right eye. It’s a fresh one too. He wrote the prescription for some antiseptic eye drops and suggested to visit him in five days. We agreed.

I guess it’s that scratch itching that results in Maxim’s rubbing his eyes every once in a while. Especially when he eats. Causing the total mess everywhere. Whatever.

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