Weight update: 2’s compliment

Please forgive another pan in the title, I’ll explain myself.

I rarely post about my fight with extra weight. That’s because the dynamics are a bit down now. Things happen slowly, but they still happen.

I’ve been fighting with the 103 kg mark. I got it pretty easy, but then everything just stopped. I would go up a kilo, then come back, then again. And so on, and so forth. But that’s OK. Many things happen in waves for me, so that was a period of between waves.

Yesterday I got a confirmation that I am winning over my fat. I left the gym weighting 102.9 kg. Not a big difference, but it was the first time I saw 102 on the scales display. (that 2 is where I got the idea for the title – word play for compliment and 2’s compliment)

Also, I have to say that measuring just kilograms won’t always provide you with a good picture of what’s happening in reality. Muscles are heavier than fat. You can be loosin gone, getting another, and your weight will remain the same, but your sizes will change.

That’s exactly what was happening to me. I was seeing the changes. My belt needed one less hole. T-shirts were getting bigger. And stuff like that.

Today, as a proof of concept, I wearing my old new green pants. I bought them back in 2000. I wore them just a few times, before I got too fat. They were hidden in the closet ever since. They are quite comfortable now.

Once again, a big ‘thank you’ is due to everyone who provide me with support and encouragement. That helps a lot.

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  1. Штаны – это фигня. Хотел бы я знать, что Ñ‚Ñ‹ будешь делать со своим водолзаным костюмом для байка …

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