Twitter Stories

The other day, Twitter announced a new website of theirs – Twitter Stories.  Yes, of course, that’s a part of their marketing effort and they are promoting their own services.  But it’s not just that.  It is an excellent compilation of stories which show kindness, compassion and humanity – things that unfortunately aren’t so popular in the modern world of mass media and dirty politics.

A few of my friends and coworkers still doubt the usefulness of social networks.  They often see social networks as time wasters that prevent people from actually doing something good with their lives.  I always disagree with that.  Social networks are just another set of tools, like knives and hammers.  What is done with them depends entirely on people using them.  If people are wasting time of their lives, then they would be doing so regardless of the availability of social networks.  And on the contrary, if people are to do great things, social networks will be just another tool for them to find the need and the way to help it.  Showcasing that is what Twitter Stories is all about.




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