TEDxNicosia : TEDx is coming to Cyprus!


No, it’s not a joke. And you are not dreaming.  I couldn’t believe my eyes at first too.  The famous TEDx conference will now be represented in Cyprus as well.  Who could have imagined?  The first TEDxNicosia will take place on November 30th, 2011 at University of Nicosia campus.  The registration is already open and participation is only 25 Euro.  Provided, of course, that you pass the selection and approval process, as with any other TED event.  I have, of course, submitted my application and am waiting for the approval.  This is so exciting!

4 thoughts on “TEDxNicosia : TEDx is coming to Cyprus!”

  1. Greetings Leonid and congrats on your blog.
    Thank you for featuring TEDxNicosia.
    We are happy to see the excitement and the blogging!

    TEDxNicosia is organized and curated by Curveball Ltd under license from TED.
    A small but important correction: please note that the event will take place at the premises of one of our sponsors, the University of Nicosia (not the University of Cyprus as noted in the blog). Only 48 hrs left to receive applications! Spread the word and happy blogging!


  2. Thank you for coming to Tedx, i speak fro all the speakers when i say your presence, all of you, made our day so much more special!

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