Update on DopeWars

DopeWars turned out to be a pretty addictive game. Olga is in for it two. We are now in the cartel Crazy Cyprtiots (ID #49). We’ve already robbed a couple of guys and are fighting with another one.

Few strategic hints, if you will suddenly decide to join:

  • Join cartel as soon as possible. This will benefit both you and the cartel, since you will still have a lot of tokens to spend.
  • Get a few junkies into training. By the time you will finish spending your initial tokens, you will have few junkies up the full speed working for you.
  • Build a drug lab and get yourself a better coat. This will ensure that you will never stay out of money.
  • Don’t go to the dealer very often. They only make 3 deals with you and than you will have to change the station, which will cost you tokens. But make sure that you go often enough, so that you coat does not fill up or you will lose drugs. Lots drugs = lost income.
  • Educate yourself in the University. Buy lots of books first. This will save you tokens later on.
  • Turn on ads. That will give you some extra cash, without any annoyance (mostly those are Google ads and at the bottom of the page). Also get free tokens following the link at the top of the page. You can get them with just three clicks, but… only 5 every 20 hours.

If you are planning to join the game later, than don’t. You don’t have to be always online to play. You receive tokens all the time (2 every 25 minutes). That means that you can play while you sleep. So join now. But remember that you cannot have more than 168 tokens at any time. So spend some before you go to sleep.

Anyway, join in. We need your help as we climb up the food chain. There are some pretty tough gangs out there.

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