It’s time to move on

Some of you already know, others have guessed, yet others are completely unaware of the fact that I am leaving my current employer PrimeTel Ltd and starting my own company Exwebris Ltd. My contracts ends on November, 30th, 2006.

Everyone have been notified in advance, as appropriate. The decision has been made some time ago, and it wasn’t easy to make, but I believe it is the right one for me. I’ve spent six great years with the company, I’ve learned a lot, tried a lot, and met a lot of interesting people. The company has been great to me and I tried to give back as much. But now our roads seem to go towards slightly different directions.

So, from the next month, I will be swimming the open waters. I’ve never done it before, and, quite naturally, I am scared and worried. But I am sure that this is the way to go and only time will tell if I am right or wrong.

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  1. Everything’s gonna be alright, in a worst case there are some friends, who will always support you(with chips and hamburgers…if you want – a diet ones :)

  2. Thanks, Uncle Vova. :)
    (/me logs the date, time, name and the IP address)

    One thing I’m sure about is that it’s almost impossible to die a death of hunger on this island. Good people and lots of food – an undeadly mix. :)

    Driving is a total other story though… :)

  3. Well, as far as I learned, it’s better to make extra movements thant to lose opportunities. The latter ultimately leads to the losses in the most precious of our resources – time.

  4. More Power to you. Takes a lot of courage to make life altering decisions. Good Luck in your new venture.

    PS. What is it you will be doing in this new company?


    Yup. By “my own” here I mean that I am not going to work for somebody else, but for myself. I don’t mean that I am starting it alone, or that I will be the only owner of it or anything like it. :)

  6. Peter,

    Thanks for the good wishes – much appreciated. :)

    I’ll be working with the Web a lot. One of the main services can be described in two words as “corporate blogging”, but it’s so much more than that – updating clients’ web sites, building communities, web promotion, and thigs like that. There are also a few ideas for standalone projects, like Cyprus Blog Network, Getcy, and Cyprus Scout.

  7. Yo Leonid,

    Wish you all the best with your start up business.

    Keep in mind that only good comes out of changes.

    Neophytos ex colleague

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