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Gmail blog announces Switch To Gmail – a new website that should assist all those who haven’t switched yet.  On to of that they added email migration support for another 14 domains – mostly Asian Hotmail, Live, and Yahoo sites.

This announcement is surprisingly close to the recent accusation of Chinese government interference:

“This is a government blockage carefully designed to look like the problem is with Gmail,” a Google spokesperson said.

5 thoughts on “Switch to Gmail”

  1. When people tell me their email I am always suprised when they tell me that it ends with yahoo.com or even worst hotmail.com :)

    Gmail is now my basis for everything. E-mails, tasks, calendar…Hey I even click on the ads on the right side if something looks interesting!

  2. Now, when I log in to my gmail account, through my N72 Nokia modem, Standard Version loads late. Why it is so late? But it is OK with HTML Version. Please try to send me some tips so that the problems does not arise at all.

  3. Being a Chinese myself, sometimes it appears DAMN suspicious on the outside but you bet, I’d rather stay with Gmail despite and to all others, however opportunistic anyone might feel with jobs and the rising horizon China offers… I still have my underlying cautions when the topic on China pops up everytime… they copy on almost anything & everything to show they’re on top but don’t be fooled.

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