Change brings change

I came across an excellent blog post that says “When you change, all your relationships change”. It outlines something that I’ve been thinking about a lot for the last couple of years or so. The article itself is very centered around the business activities, but it applies all the same to other changes in one’s life – marriage, children, shift in hobbies and interests.

It’s a good read, and I do agree with most of the statements. However there is one statement that I should point out as non-obvious and another one as understated.

“Validate that you are moving in the right direction.” This is a non-obvious one. For me at least. I can barely understand where I want to move, and I can barely make an attempt of understanding where I am heading. But my thinking is very biased, uninformed, and really not all that reliable to call it a “validation”. It’s more of a feeling actually, than a thinking process. I don’t know if it is so only for me or for other people too.

The article, while nicely written, makes me feel sad and somewhat depressed. That’s probably because the “new people” point is understated. The thing is, change brings change. Old relationships fade away, but new ones appear. Sometimes these are new relationships with old connections. Sometimes – with new people. And its amazing when you see it work.

I’ve recently started talking to someone I’ve been friends with back at 1999 or so. We went our separate ways, and now, suddenly, our paths crossed again. I’ve met some new people. I’ve discovered new sides to people I’ve known for ages. Just seeing all that alone is worth all the troubles that changes bring…

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