Everything worked out just fine

This is a quick update on my notebook post.

Everything works great and smooth. In fact, I am typing this post on the notebook, which runs a fresh install of the brand new Fedora Linux 5 (it was released just a couple of days ago).

As promised, most of the hardware worked out of the box. Video adapter, soundcard, USB mouse – it all worked.

I had to work a tiny bit for the WiFi card, but that was pretty easy too. All I had to do was download Intel firmware from this website, unpack it into /lib/firmware, and reboot the machine. Charm! The wireless interface came up by itself, found our office network, got all the settings, and started to work immediately.

I also had to spend a couple of minutes downloading and installing kdebluetooth RPM in order to have working Bluetooth.

Now everything is done and it all looks good.  It’s amazing to see the progress Linux has made during the last few years.  It is very user-friendly and easy to use now.  Way to go!

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