VaultPress – yet another goodie from Automattic

Automattic – an awesome company behind WordPress, Gravatar, IntenseDebate, Akismet, and a few other – announced that they are starting up a new service – VaultPress.  While the details of the service are not completely clear yet, it looks like a real-time backup solution plus some security monitoring and automated updates.  This service is primarily targeted towards stand-alone WordPress blogs, not the ones hosted at .  Maybe support will come later, but for now those guys are settled pretty well anyway.

If you want to try VaultPress, it is in the invite-only stage now.  You can request an invite.  And while you are there, please do enjoy the beautiful form, which doesn’t follow the conventional “captions, fields, and the submit button” concept.  That’s what happens when you have a good web designer around and enough sense to let him work.

One thought on “VaultPress – yet another goodie from Automattic”

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