4 Mbps with PrimeTel

Here is a quote from the latest PrimeTel newsletter:

PrimeTel upgrades for even faster Internet speeds and provides 4Mbps / 512Kbps as an upgrade option for the PrimeHome and PrimeADSL2+ subscribers. The additional monthly fee for the PrimeHome subscribers is EUR65,92 while for the PrimeADSL2+ subscribers is EUR53,33. Read more

Anybody tried that already?

Note to PrimeTel : By the way, I’d much prefer an RSS feed from your site to those Greek emails that you send me. Thank you.

8 thoughts on “4 Mbps with PrimeTel”

  1. Why get a 4 meg connection with that amount when you can get 10 for roughly the same with CableNet? Plus why would anyone want DSL! Its out the door any day now and full of problems anywhere you go!

    Note to PrimeTel: Your site could use a little freshening up , and remove that notebook pic with a 4 in it. Its terrible

  2. Mario,

    My reasons for not switching to any other provider are:

    • I know a lot of people in PrimeTel, since I used to work there.
    • My television works just fine and I don’t want to mess with it. My wife will kill me.
    • Transferring phone number (land line) takes time and paperwork. I hate that.
    • I am a long time client of PrimeTel and I am very satisfied with their service so far.

    Something like that, yeah. :)

  3. Okay, point taken. I currently work for CableNet’s NOC as Senior Network Engineer. There is a reason for it though.

    I kind of worked my way through ISPs one way or another. Theres just something a little more advanced than your traditional IT out there which is mostly windows demanding (which I hate) and network engineering doesn’t go to far out there.

    I think it would also be fair to mention that I worked for Netway for some time before moving on to CableNet. There is a reason for it though and I mean no disrespect. I simply do not believe in DSL anymore. I think it’s a technology that served the gap between fttx and POTS. This is simply how I percieve things.

    When I tell people I don’t believe in broadband in general they think Im crazy. I believe in fiber , I believe in clever solutions , scalable , architecturally wonderful and subtle , stable above all. You can’t get any better with fiber. Fiber fiber fiber fiber fiber it is to me.

    I in no intention meant to “flame” DSL or advertise the company I work for (especially in someone’s blog :P) but I don’t like the limitations DSL puts on NSPs and of course subscribers. I don’t think NSPs that serve DSL like it either.

  4. I agree with Mario but the big problem with Cablenet is the area coverage. I personally want to Subscribe with them but they dont cover my area and they dont know when they will do so.

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