Daily tweets

  • Recharging batteries after yesterday’s birthday party. I am alive, but I feel somehow different. Hangover? Maybe. #
  • No, it’s not a hangover. It’s a caffeine withdrawal syndrome (CWS). Frappe fixed me. #
  • FeedBlitz has it all wrong.By default,emails are once a day.All new items are in a digest.Problems with non-English items.Wrong.Wrong.Wrong. #
  • I need a new photo of myself, but I don’t trust anyone to make it. Especially myself… #
  • I want some Gmail stats.Number of messages,kilobytes,senders and recipients,attachments,spikes,tags,searches,logins.Whatever is there… #
  • I want Google Analytics for my Gmail. That’s what I want! #
  • Watching Twittervision for a short break… #
  • http://exwebris.com is now a redirect to http://virtualict.com . #
  • WordPress widgets are really really cool. #
  • Today turned out to be a surprisingly productive day. Wrote some code, fixed a few bugs, configured a few things…In short – produced. #

2 thoughts on “Daily tweets”

  1. Going to disagree with you on FeedBlitz (well it is my company). We’ve grown by 1 million subs in about the last 6 weeks; most email readers don’t want data more than that. Twitter and IM subscribers (We support them too) get intra-day updates, typically within 15-30 minutes of the article appearing. If you’ve an issue with foreig language characters (we turn everything into UTF-8 unicode before we send it) then 1 of 2 things is probably happening:

    1) The source feed isn’t using the encoding it says it is;
    2) The client you’re using isn’t properly interpreting or rendering the UTF-8 declaration in the messages we send (some webmail clients are particularly bad i this regard).

    Please do sling a note over to support and we’ll figure it out for you.

    Of course we can also delay messages (e.g. weekly) or send them faster (autaomtically on manualy on-demand), but we do ask for a modest fee in return.



  2. Phil,

    sorry for the delayed answer – my anti-SPAM plugins got meaner than I asked of them. :)

    I’m glad that your company does good. The experience that I had was only my subjective experience. I didn’t mean that it is the same for everyone. For me personally it didn’t work. Maybe I’ll give it another try later on.


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