What will happen

The data loss was horrible, but life still goes on.  Since I already told you what happened, I’d like to share my thoughts on what will happen.

Firstly, as you can see, here goes a new blog – from scratch, with no archives or pretty looks. Just yet.  As with everything else, there is some good in everything bad.  And the data loss is not an exception.  Having archives for 10+ years is cool.  But it also requires a tremendous amount of work in maintenance – moving things around, correcting them, making sure everything is at least visible in yet another new theme – that takes a lot of effort.  With all those archives gone now,  I don’t have to restructure or re-organize.  I can start a new.  And I will.

Secondly, I will move movie reviews into a separate blog.  I tried it already before and then merge the reviews back in.  But now I think the time came to try it once again.  I’ve been trying quite a few ideas for my reviews lately, and I like where it goes.  For example, using directors, actors, and genres as tags in separate taxonomies finally made it easier for me to find movies by actor or director combination.  There is a lot that can be expanded and tried out there.  So, stay tuned.

Thirdly, I want to extend the networking part of mamchenkov.net a bit.  Back when I bought the domain, I was the only Mamchenkov using it.  Now there is a small crowd, with my brother, my mother (blog lost together with mine, but will be restarted), and a few posts that I’ve been doing on behalf of my kid (two very outdated blogs, one of which was lost too).   Plus there is a whole range of RSS feeds from Flickr, Twitter, Delicious, and such, that should be grouped together somehow.   I am trying out the Planet software for that and so far it looks good.

Fourthly, with all those archives gone and blogs destroyed, there will be a huge black void, which, I am sure, will inspire more blogging.  That is of course just my wild guess.

Now that my mind recovers from the loss (not without the help of friends and alcohol), I am having more and more ideas on what I want to do and where I want to go with this.  I hope I’ll have the will and strength to pull it over.

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